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Dental Implants


Dental Implants can be an excellent tooth replacement. Dr. Amir’s 5 years of additional training after dental school make him one of Ocala’s foremost experts in the field of dental implant therapy. Dr. Amir works with your dentist to provide the foundation for a natural looking tooth replacement using the latest technology and clinical techniques.

This dental implant was placed immediately after the tooth was extracted in conjunction with a bone graft and a soft tissue graft to help ensure a natural looking final result. Placing an implant at the same time as the extraction saves anywhere from 2-4 months of healing time.

Careful planning of implant position is needed to allow for a natural looking restoration. This lateral incisor tooth should have a gumline slightly lower than the adjacent canine and central incisor teeth for ideal esthetics. The dental implant needs to be placed exactly 3-4 mm deeper than the planned gingival margin to accomplish this outcome. Failure to take the planned gingival margin into account can result in unnatural esthetics.

Dental implant treatment involves a team approach, between the restorative dentist, the surgeon, and the lab technician. Careful coordination between the treating clinicians and the lab technician allow for duplication of a natural tooth appearance. Notice the translucency built into the tip of the implant crown replacing the missing lateral incisor tooth, duplicating the natural translucency of the adjacent central incisor.

Not every situation demands a sparkly white tooth as the end result! For this 85 year old patient, a restoration that fit in with his natural dentition was desired. Again, careful communication between the surgeon, restorative dentist and the lab technician allows for a tooth that blends well with the adjacent teeth.

For areas that have had a missing tooth and have good bone support, an immediate temporary crown can be made at the time of implant placement. It is carefully kept out of the bite during the healing process until the final crown can be placed. The advantage of this approach is that no removable prosthetic is needed for the healing period. ​

Loss of a tooth can often lead to loss of the gum tissue between the teeth. Skilled manipulation of the soft tissue during surgery and using temporary crowns to shape the tissue can allow for some regrowth of the soft tissues as seen to the right of the implant crown in this case. ​

Careful pre-surgical planning should be used to ensure that implants are placed in an optimum position for esthetics and for the implant to support the loads required for normal chewing function. Correct angulation and positioning also make it easier to keep the gum tissue around the implants clean over time. ​

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