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Doctor Testimonials

I appreciate Dr. Amir’s conservative approach and his attention to detail. The level of communication he provides to me is outstanding. I appreciate how truly invested he is in providing the best care for his patients. Dr. Jamie Amir is a pleasure to work with.

-Dr. Joseph Joyce

As a general dentist with minimal implant training, Dr. Jamie Amir has been so helpful with patient cases. With implants, we always want them to be driven by the end result. Dr. Amir’s documentation, communication and assistance with cases is like nothing I’ve seen in my 5 years of practice. He has a passion for education which is apparent in how he relates to both colleagues and patients. He is one of the best specialists I have ever worked with. My patients always feel at ease. His technique and bed side manner is wonderful and I would trust him to work on me and my family!

– Dr. Cara Clark

Dr. Jamie Amir has been awesome treating the gum problems of my patients and placing dental implants for them. The treatment that he provides for patients is extremely effective and he can accomplish things for patients that many in his specialty could not. To me, as a Prosthodontist, having him in Ocala is a tremendous asset. Before, I had to refer patients outside of Ocala to accomplish things like we do now every single day.

The work that I have seen from him is world class. Saving teeth for patients in a predictable way when others had told them to remove them from their mouths. Also, placing implants and generating the mouth conditions with soft tissues to make implants look undistinguishable from natural teeth. It is an easy thing to say but it takes advanced skill to be at his level. He is very detailed on what he does and it shows in his patient outcomes.

Most importantly, he is an incredible human being that is always on patients’ side, finding what is best for them and their well being. It is not rare to have him show up at the patients’ house with a small treat and to check up on their well being. These kind of professionals unfortunately are extremely difficult to find these days.
We have one in Ocala!

-Dr. Alex Hoyos

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Amir now for several years. His knowledge, quality of work , attention to detail, and compassion for our mutual patients has given me the confidence I need to refer even the most complicated cases.

-Dr. Scott Jackson

Dr. Jamie Amir is the most thorough, honest, and caring dentist that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He has a great chair side manner and his belief in excellence shows in his quality of work. As a colleague of Dr. Amir, I am confident in referring my patients to him for their implants and periodontal treatment. He and his entire staff are pleasant and professional. My patients come back very pleased with their experience at his office.

-Dr. Marilian Lauzan

Just when I thought I could not be more impressed by Dr. Amir, he topped it off. Just a few months ago, he opened his new practice and curiosity led me to stop by one day to check it out. What a beautiful office! His friendly staff invited me to see his bright treatment rooms with large windows, comfortable accommodations for the patients, along with the newest technologies to provide excellent care. I was thrilled to have all this at the reach of my patients, and handled by such a skilled practitioner. I promptly referred one of my young patients to him. I saw that young girl today, and she told me she felt very comfortable with Dr. Amir and that everybody in his office greeted her when she was there. That impressed her and made her feel important. My patients are important to me, so I feel fortunate to have such a gifted colleague to work with and am excited to collaborate with him on many cases!

-Dr. Deborah Barckhausen