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What is it?

Endoret® is a Biomedical Technology aimed at stimulating tissue regeneration by applying autologous proteins.

Hundreds of endogenous proteins affect the tissue repair processes, including angiogenesis, chemotaxis and cell proliferation. No exogenic agent can effectively govern all these processes.

ENDORET® technology provides the means necessary for the isolation and concentration of the blood proteins involved in tissue regeneration, as well as its suitable application at the injury site.

ENDORET® stimulates tissue regeneration due to its content in growth factors, in greater concentrations than those of blood.

Treatment with ENDORET® after resecting the necrotic bone increases the activity of the osteoclasts and causes angiogenesis, which can be used as an adjuvant for patients with BRONJ.

The results of various studies suggest that treatment with ENDORET® can lessen the risk of developing BRONJ after a dental extraction in high-risk patients in treatment with bisphosphonates.