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Dental Microscope

Dr. Amir is the first periodontist in the Ocala area to utilize a Dental Operating Microscope for Periodontal Microsurgery. Use of a microscope and microsurgical instrumentation (including instruments typically used for ophthalmic surgery) allows for surgical accuracy that is unparalleled to what is possible with conventional techniques.

Microsurgical techniques were used in this case to thicken the gum tissue on a recently completed dental implant.

Dental implants require thick gum tissue around them to help prevent invasion of plaque bacteria which can cause bone loss, or “Peri-implantitis”.

Gum tissue deficiency on the dental implant tooth (the left tooth in the photo) was treated with a connective tissue graft using a microsurgical approach.

Microsuturing helps to prevent the formation of scar lines. The gum tissue now has an ideal thickness that will function as an important barrier to bacterial penetration