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What a pleasure it was to visit this office today! Dr. Amir and staff make you feel welcome and that care and well being of the patient are first and foremost. The large flat screens in the patient room gives you a close up view of exactly what is being explained. And they send everything […]

Dr. Jamie & his staff are fantastic. His assistant was extremely conscientious and personable, to begin. When Dr. Jamie came in, he pulled up my X-rays on a big tv-screen (which was pretty awesome, because I’ve never seen that before!) and explained everything to me so I could understand what was going on, and what […]

Dr. Amir and his staff are outstanding. I would highly recommend him to anyone with periodontal needs. I was not looking forward to my procedure and his wonderful friendly staff put me at ease right away. The office is beautiful and has a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. ​-JG

My dad was a dentist, my sister married a dentist and since their death and retirement respectively I have been on a quest to find the perfect dentist in Ocala. I felt I had been spoiled in that my teeth were always cared for by people who loved me and I trusted that their decisions […]